ACNEVECT activating liquid - 500 ml

ACNEVECT activating liquid - 500 ml

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ACNEVECT activating liquid - 500 ml

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The combined use of Aknevect powder and liquid Aknevect shows the best results in the treatment of acne in the acute form of acne and of varying complexity. Prevents the growth of bacteria, helps to normalize excessive sebaceous secretion. Eliminates irritation and peeling, forms on the surface of the film softening gently lightens the skin. Has a marked effect on the final stages of keratinization, preventing the formation of comedones. After applying the mask, skin becomes pure, matte, considerably improves its texture. Acne and scars fade and the skin returns to their former smoothness.

Caution: Avoid eye contour area!


Mix 4 ml (one teaspoon) of powder with 8 ml (one beaker) liquid in a porcelain dish. Interfere to form glinoobraznoy mass. Before applying the mask freshly processed zone care pre-peeling. Apply and leave the mask on the face for up to 10 minutes. Completely remove the mask with water at room temperature. Wipe the face of post-peel neutralizer.Ь


Almond oil, vitamin A, triclosan, azelaic acid, zinc, Icelandic lichen extract, laminated hardwood sponge extract, wheat germ oil, peppermint oil.
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