6323.003 needles 3T (20 pcs)

6323.003 needles 3T (20 pcs)

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6323.003 needles 3T (20 pcs)

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Special developed custom-fitted all-round T-needles and flat needles made of stanless steel. Purebeau FRS needlesystem provides very good colour entry into the skin.
The newest needle on the market.
These needles are tight and deliver all the pigment to a precise point.
Can be used to create pristine lines.
Their sharpness is perfect for drawing and they deposit an amazing amount of colour.
These needles are not suitable for any procedure which requires shading.
These are the perfect drawing tool.
The needle is used for thin outliner and to complete a lip procedure to make the line more crisp.
Also excellent for lash enhancement and hair strokes.
Pigmentation needles FRS/TRS/RS (20 pcs)
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Дополнительная информация

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Тип иглы 6323.003 3 PRONG NEEDLE
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