Pre Gel - 500 ml

Pre Gel - 500 ml

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Pre Gel - 500 ml

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Combi , very fat , very dry, sensitive , normal


Designed for pre departure before the procedure. It is used together with a binder solution. Has a mild anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, sedative and some analgesic effect ; has disintegrating effect, thereby deeply opens the pores . Stimulates the regeneration and healing of tissues ; softens and soothes the skin to disinfect it; very good for problem skin face, especially for oily seborrhea . Helps to speed up metabolism by activating the local blood circulation . Perfectly removes waste and toxins from the muscles.


Uniformly thick cover pre- gel face and neck. Then cover the face and neck with gauze , with a brush to moisten the binder solution. Leave to rest for 5-10 minutes , then remove the cloth remnants rinse with warm water .


Butcher's broom extract , chamomile extract , salicylic acid, agar-agar, magnesium nitrate , magnesium chloride .


antioxidant care

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Procedure anti age eye contour area

Removal Procedure puffiness and blue eye contour area

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