Natural look eyelash extension training + Natural Kit

Natural look eyelash extension training + Natural Kit

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Natural look eyelash extension training + Natural Kit

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We provide qualified training using the latest developments in this area.
NB! Training for experienced masters only!
Our individual course lasts up to 5 hours and will cover:
1. Theory
• Methods of modeling and correction of the shape of eye
• Natural Look extension, maintenance and removal technology
• Lower Eyelashes extension technology
• Procedure steps
• Health and safety guidance, contra-indications
• Products to use for application
• Client care and homecare advice
• Errors correction
2. Practice part (model can come with you or come later 90 minutes, If you can't find the model, please let us know as soon as possible. We can find the model for additional fee 10 EUR)
• Natural Look application process on the model
• Lower Eyelashes extension process on the model
• Maintenance process on the model.
International Certificate will be issued after successful completion of training.
We always reserve the right to change the plan of training, depending on the skills of master and working out possibilities of our program. We will offer you extra time by appointment.

Natural Kit contains:
• 3 packs of mix Charm Lashes 0.10 ja 0.12
0,10 x 4-7 mm C (16 rows)
0,12 x 8-16 mm C (16 rows)
0,10 x 8-16 mm C (16 rows)
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