Laity Kit

Laity Kit

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Laity Kit

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Laity Kit, 5 different kits: Sweet Love, Passion Summer, Crystal Tattoo, Deluxe Jewel and Secret Garden

Lasting is a glitter body art tattoo that lasts 5-10 days. It is stylish, glamorous and colourful, easy to apply and remove, waterproof and safe for all skin types and all ages. Lasting body art tattoo is a great way to express your personality, attract attention and keep up with fashion trends.

Product Features

Glitter is hexagonal cut and specially made for top-level eye makeup. Body Art Glue is anti-irritable and waterproof against sweat and usual water use. Transfer Pattern Liquid is used to transfer Laser Photocopied designs. It will not transfer any other form of copy or print out.

Laity Kit contains:

• Glitter (6x5 ml)

• Body Art Glue (5 ml)

• Pattern Transfer Liquid (10 ml bottle)

• Brush (1 piece)

• Patterns (200-300 pcs)

• Instruction (English)
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