KRIOKALM calming gel - 100 ml

KRIOKALM calming gel - 100 ml

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KRIOKALM calming gel - 100 ml

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Refreshing, soothing, rejuvenating and cleansing gel regulates the temperature balance and provides a comfortable skin condition. It is used for the treatment of purulent acne, as well as effective for acne. It has antiseptic, softening and lubricating effect, well retains moisture in the skin. Eliminates irritation and peeling, forms on the surface of the film softening. Contains a balanced mix of vitamin E and carotenoids, effectively slowing down the process of premature aging of the skin. Intensively stimulates the circulation. Has a soothing and toning properties, relieves swelling.


Apply the gel to the area of care, then cover with gauze mask soaked in cold water. Leave on for 5 minutes, remove the mask, leaving residues washed with water.


Aloe barbadensis extract, mallow, rosemary extract, common ivy, menthol.
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Дополнительная информация

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