CREAM for the unaesthetic signs of cellulite - 500 ml

CREAM for the unaesthetic signs of cellulite - 500 ml

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CREAM for the unaesthetic signs of cellulite - 500 ml

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Normal, oily, dry, combinated


The cream is designed to treat cellulite, as well as to deal with locally located fat deposits. Thanks to the rich composition of the drug cream has several advantages: It has anti-inflammatory properties, soothes, nourishes, strengthens capillary walls, regulates the permeability of the epidermal barrier, lipid and water balance of the skin. Cream activates cell regeneration, has expressed venotropnoe property, anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effect, improves lymphatic flow and plazmolimfatichesky barrier, improves microcirculation and metabolism in fat cells. As a result of applying the cream adjusted contours of the body, it reduces the "orange peel", increases the tone and elasticity of the skin.


Apply to clean skin on one of the problem areas of the body, massage until completely absorbed. During the massage, for better glide add a few drops of water or massage oil.


Oil of sweet almond oil, wheat germ extract, horse chestnut extract, fucus extract, ivy extract, cola seeds.
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Дополнительная информация

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