Ombre Nail Design Course + Ombre Kit

Ombre Nail Design Course + Ombre Kit

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Ombre Nail Design Course + Ombre Kit

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The course is designed for everyone to improve and supplement their knowledge in the field of manicure who completed the basic manicure course, as well as beginner masters and masters with work experience, who wish to replenish knowledge and improve skills.
Conditions for the start of training: a certificate or diploma of the basic course of manicure.
Our individual course lasts 1 full day/3 hours and will cover:
1. Theory
• Vertical and horizontal gradient
• Feathering colors
• Color combinations
• Working process
• Required material
• Errors correction
2. Practical testing of the material studied
• Development of vertical and horizontal gradients on tips on a ring.
International Certificate will be issued after successful completion of training.
We always reserve the right to change the plan of training, depending on the
skills of master and working out possibilities of our program. We will offer you extra time by appointment.
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