PURLES 27 Alginate BLACKCURRANT mask - 700 ml

PURLES 27 Alginate BLACKCURRANT mask - 700 ml

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PURLES 27 Alginate BLACKCURRANT mask - 700 ml

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An elastic mask, consisting mainly of alginates, that is, prepared algae cell walls, supplemented by blackcurrant extract and vitamin C. Blackcurrant fruit constitutes a rich source of vitamins and minerals, delivering almost all necessary ingredients responsible for the proper functioning of the skin processes. Vitamins C and P (rutin) strengthens the blood vessel walls, improving their damage resistance and reducing redness. Polyphenols have anti-oxidant properties, eliminate the free radicals, and help to maintain a young look and firm skin. The product has a soothing and calming effect. As soon as a few minutes after the treatment, the skin regains its balance, gains a healthy color and becomes silk soft. The mask is recommended on all skin types, especially: sensitive, tired and couperose skin. After the treatment, the skin is soothed and perfectly hydrated, as well as wrapped in a fruit aroma.

Directions for use:
Add 90 ml of lukewarm water to
30 g (70 ml) of powder.
Mix vigorously to get a homogenous paste. Apply it immediately on to the face & neck and leave for 15 minutes, then peel it off. Leftovers can be removed with a moist cotton pad.
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