ACNEVECT powder - 120 gr

ACNEVECT powder - 120 gr Eldan Cosmetics

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ACNEVECT powder - 120 gr

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Oily, problem


Designed for the treatment of problem skin. Used in conjunction with Aknevekt liquid. Comprises a natural keratin proteins, fruit acids and sulfur complex. Removes dead cells of the stratum corneum; displays excess sebaceous. Antibacterial extracts help to clean up the entire affected area, preventing the growth of bacteria and botanical extracts help to normalize excessive sebaceous secretion. Enhances the cleansing of the skin from dead cells, has a slight lightening effect. Superbly retains moisture, helping skin retain its firmness and elasticity.


Mix 4 ml (one teaspoon) of powder with 8 ml (one beaker) liquid in a porcelain dish. Interfere to form glinoobraznoy mass. Before applying the mask freshly processed zone care pre-peeling. Apply and leave the mask on the face for up to 10 minutes. Completely remove the mask with water at room temperature. Wipe the face of post-peel neutralizer.


Talc, kaolin, rice starch, titanium dioxide, papain, sodium hyaluronate.
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