SMART Removable file files premium boat L, 25 pcs

SMART Removable file files premium boat L, 25 pcs

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SMART Removable file files premium boat L, 25 pcs

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6,60 €


All Smart files are made of silicon carbide and have a special moisture-resistant coating of silicone.

• The quality of the abrasive is much better than in any reusable file.
• The file does not loosen the nail plate during operation, as if cutting and soldering the end of the nail, prevents delamination of the nails.
• The surface of the abrasive has a moisture resistant coating, which allows them to cut endlessly, it does not clog, unlike conventional files.
• Replaceable files do not cut the skin. The Smart base is specially made 0.5 mm wider than the file, which will prevent the client from being cut and provide ease of use.
• Files are not afraid of liquid and water. If desired, the base with the glued file can be disinfected in an ultrasonic bath with a disinfectant solution.
All SMart base files are made of high-strength surgical steel, cleaned of chrome and nickel.
Almost all surgical instruments are made of such steel, hence the name.

Surgical steel has many advantages over any metal.

-firstly, strength, which is important in our sticks, it does not bend during work, remaining elastic.
- no deformation during sterilization and prolonged use. Surgical steel does not deform like ordinary, cheap stainless steel.
- It is very important that the base has a round, softly sanded edge, which will not scratch the client, and cause any discomfort during the drinking.
Surgical steel does not emit harmful substances, even at high temperatures.
- sticks are absolutely safe and have all quality certificates and test reports


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