Purebeau CRYSTAL DREAM micropigmentation device

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Purebeau CRYSTAL DREAM micropigmentation device

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2 950,00 €


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Glamorous design, which combines technology and functionality but leaves room for individuality.

Attendance & hygiene

The sophisticated hygiene system (integrated return protection) of the handpiece Crystal Dream only requires normal cleaning with equipment disinfectant. All consumable like needles, needle nozzles and pigments can be used just one time and must be discarded after treatment.

Needle types

Special developed custom-fitted all-round T-needles and flat needles made of stainless steel. Purebeau's FRS needle system provides very good colour entry into the skin.

Colour & secureness

Crystal Dream is ideally devised for the PUREBEAU LF-HICON micro-pigments. The integrated colour rewind safety system provides for optimum hygiene (it complies with the worldwide health requirements, particle sterilizable in the hot-air sterilizer).

Working Level

Thanks to the PUREBEAU HIGH-INTELLIGENCE DRIVE you have perfectly adjustable to several fields of application, digitally controlled working Level. High precision runs to achieve absolutely accurate pigmentation.

Working Level 50 – 180 Hz

Secureness Integr. Colour rewind safety system

Needle types T-Allround 1, 2, 3out, 5, 7, 9; Flach 3, 5, 7, 13

Hygiene Partical hot air sterilisation/ instrument disinfection; one- way consumables.

Application area:

Micro pigmentation
Permanent Make-up
Factory warranty 1 year


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