Magic White Serum - 20 ml

 Magic White Serum - 20 ml

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Magic White Serum - 20 ml

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Magic White Serum is a concentrate of technology that can bleach the enamel layer.
Concretely the serum penetrates the enamel through the channels by rehydrating it and cleaning it inside. Also it removes the impurities that are housed in the porous parts of the enamel hence the yellowing. It is a powerful stain remover capable of cleaning artificial teeth, crowns, dental implants, bridges. Reserved for the professional, it is used to pre-bleach the tooth before each treatment. T
oday, we make it accessible to the individual. In practice, dip a cotton rod in the serum, then clean each of the teeth with a circular motion for 5 minutes, then leave to act for 60 sec. In less than 5 min per day and after 7 days, you can expect up to 6 shades.


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