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F-CARNITINE increases lipid metabolism and fat burning
Increases lipid metabolism and fat burning to reduce the cellulite and localized fat deposits
1 vial of 10 ml

Active ingredients: L-Carnitine

The L-Carnitine is an oligopeptide consisting of two essential amino acids, lysine and methionine, which act as a natural constituent of cells and develop a role in the utilisation of lipids for the muscles. L-carnitine increases the lipid metabolism to reduce the fat deposits. The best known function of carnitine is its essential role in transporting long-chain fatty acids into mitochondria for b-oxidation, thus being of fundamental importance in lipid catabolism and energy production for the myocardium and muscles. The lack of L-Carnitine prevents fats to be transported to the energetic point, where they will be burnt. As a consequence of the accumulation of fat results orange skin and cellulite. By contrast, the more L-Carnitine, the more fat is burnt and therefore, we loose weight, we recover energy and our resistance to cold and fatigue increases. Carnitine and its esters also protect cells from oxidative stress damages both by inhibiting free radical propagation and by contributing to repair the oxidized membrane phospholipids.


Stimulate fat consumption.
Help to treat cellulite.
Improves the levels of energy.
Protects the cells from oxidative cells.
Increases lipid metabolism.


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