Charm Lashes ADHESIVE INSTADRY - 6,5 ml

Charm Lashes ADHESIVE INSTADRY - 6,5 ml

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Charm Lashes ADHESIVE INSTADRY - 6,5 ml

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Makes lash glue dry faster on natural lashes and reduces glue fumes. Any glue cures instantly when making contact with Adhesive Instadry treated lashes.
Application: Apply a thin layer on the lash strip on the bottom part of lashes, and start volume lash extention procedure. Re-apply when you feel that adhesive curing has lowed down again.
Warnings: Keep away from children. For external use only! For professional use only!
Adhesive Instadry bonds the first glue fumes during lash application. This makes lashing more pleasant and healthy for both client and technician.
Adhesive Instadry is essential when working in low humidity conditions. When the air is dry in low humidity seasons, it makes the glue cure faster and you can continue using your favorite glue.
Adhesive Instadry works with every lash glue.
What's the difference between Adhesive Instadry and other similar products?
Other brands similar products start an accelerated curing process at the moment you dip lashes into the drop of glue. Adhesive Instadry starts the accelerated curing process only when lash glue touches natural lashes.

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