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3D Smart Ring

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With this revolutionary 3D Smart Ring, eyelash extensions technicians just slip the universal fit ring over any finger and place a few drops of adhesive into the Smart Ring. Now you can more easily direct the exact amount of glue usage per lash with our exclusive “V” well design. No more wasting of product. Use with the O-Disk to maximize product savings and procedure efficiency.

Slip a disposable O-Disk into your Smart Ring and place just 1-2 drops of your favorite eyelash adhesive into the disk well. The adhesive stays in the disk well and will not run out, even when turned on its side. So no matter what angle you wear your ring, the O-Disk allows no wasting of product, and it provides 50% less exposure to air which means less evaporation and drying of the adhesive, even when left in O-Disk for hours at a time.


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