MAYAMY long term brow perm set

MAYAMY long term brow perm set

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MAYAMY long term brow perm set

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MAYAMY long term brow perm set

The procedure for long-term styling of eyebrows solves the problem of asymmetry of eyebrows, hard hairs growing in the wrong direction and gives the desired shape and color. Laminating eyebrows makes it possible to create an ideal line, heals, strengthens eyebrows and nourishes them with useful substances.

Compositions for laying eyebrows Mayamy contain fixing components, enveloping hairs and promote the growth and density of hairs. Thanks to lamination, the eyebrows retain the updated form for up to 2 months!

Lamination composition 1 Volume Lift for eyelash and eyebrow MAYAMY 8 ml
Lamination composition 2 Volume Fixer for eyelash and eyebrow MAYAMY 8 ml
Composition 3 Nourishing Agent MAYAMY 8 ml
Eyelash and eyebrow glue MAYAMY 5 ml
Mascara brush 1 pc
Storage conditions:
Keep in cool dry place out of reach of children. Protect from direct sunlight, heat and open flames.

The expiration date of the compositions after the opening – 6 months.

Mode of application:
 1) Before performing the procedure, clean eyebrows from makeup using an oil-free means. Then, using a micro-brush, proceed to degreasing the eyebrows using a degreaser
 2) Comb the eyebrows with a disposable brush-comb. Then apply a small layer of glue to the eyebrows to fix the Mayamy Lash and Brow Glue hair. Then slowly and gently pull the hairs, giving the desired direction and shape with a brush-comb for eyebrows.
3) Apply a thin layer of Composition No. 1 on the hairs. Apply the composition closer to the root in order for the hairs to go after the procedure in the right direction, and on the whole hair to soften hard hair and straighten curly hair. The exposure time is 8-12 minutes depending on the thickness and density of hairs (8 minutes for fine hairs, 10-12 for dense and hard). To enhance the effect of the composition immediately after applying the first composition, carefully cover the eyebrows with a cling film and place cotton pads moistened with hot water on top. Cover with a towel to keep warm.
4) After a time, carefully remove the Composition No. 1 with a dry cotton swab in the direction of hair growth.
 5) Apply to eyebrows Composition No. 2. The exposure time is also 8-12 minutes depending on the thickness and density of the hairs.
 6) After the expiry of time carefully clean the Composition No. 2 with a dry cotton swab.
7) Before applying the paint, you must clean the eyebrows from residual glue. Carefully remove any glue from the eyebrows with a cotton swab dipped in a cleanser.
 8) Perform eyebrow dyeing procedure with professional eyebrow paint "Bronsun".
 Important: Coloring eyebrows with henna should be carried out 24 hours after the procedure of eyebrow fixation. In this case, chemical dye staining is not performed. <
 9) After a time, remove the paint with a dry cotton swab. Rinse off any paint residue with Cleanser.
10) Apply Liquid Silk Composition No. 3 for lamination to the entire brow area and allow to dry and soak for a couple of minutes. The composition is not washed off and not removed. The procedure is complete. After the procedure, it is recommended not to wet the eyebrows for 24 hours, the first 24 hours should not be bathed and exercise, contributing to sweating, to visit the baths and saunas.
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