MAYAMY express wave biolash lift set

MAYAMY express wave biolash lift set

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MAYAMY express wave biolash lift set

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BioLash Lift express wave set MAYAMY
The term «biowave» is intended to emphasize the fact that the procedure includes gentle, hypoallergenic components.
During the procedure, eyelashes are treated with a special solution, which gives them an expressive bend. The composition does not fall on the skin of the eyelids and mucous eyes, gently lying on the eyelashes, without affecting the roots, so do not be afraid of loss or difficulty of growth of eyelashes after the procedure. After biowave, the thickness and thickness of your eyelashes will not change.
The quality of our wave is checked by time and over many years the formula has only been improved and all liquids can be used, being sure of the quality and safety of the procedure.

Biolash Lift composition 1 Perming Lotion MAYAMY 5 ml
Express eyelashes curling compositions «MAYAMY Biolash Lift»
A mean, used for softening the hair horny layer.

Biolash Lift composition 2 Setting Lotion MAYAMY 5 ml
A mean for the neat eyelashes fixing, making them a desired shape. Is used in the second stage of the eyelashes biowave.

Nourishing Agent MAYAMY 8 ml
Closes flakes of hairs at the end of the procedure, nourishes and protects them. Cleansing nutrient, which is used in the third stage of the eyelashes biowave.

Eyelash and eyebrow glue MAYAMY 5 ml
Used with silicone pads, for curling eyelashes, hypoallergenic. Quickly glues pads of lining to the eyelids for the procedures of biovanning, lamination, reconstruction of eyelashes.

The procedure of the MAYAMY Biolash Lift biowave:
1) First, remove the client’s make-up with oil-free remover. In this way even the waterproof
make-up will be removed.
2) Now put the duct tape or collagen pads on the area under the eyes so lower lashes are covered with
duct tape or collagen pads. It is done to divide eyelashes and protect the skin of lower eyelids.
3) Then, when the client’s eyes are closed, start the degreasing of upper lashes with a degreaser (it is also
called Primer). Do it with a help of a one-time microbrush and then brush eyelashes with a one-time
brush with round moves.
4) Now it is time to put silicone pads. They can be in different sizes: S – small, M – medium, L – large. Try the
pads on to measure the required size depending on the length of the eyelashes. The shorter the
eyelashes, the smaller the size of pads. If the pad is too big, it is possible to use scissors for giving it the
right shape.
Then, tightly press the silicone pad against the eyelid closer to eyelashes root zone. It is better to
do it in direction from the inner corner of the eye to outer also slightly folding eyelid skin up towards
yourself (depending on the situation in order to avoid ungluing of the pad a little biowave glue can be
5) When the silicon pad is fixed on the eyelid put a little biowave glue on its surface. To prevent the glue
from drying out the width of the covered with it area must be not more than 0,5 cm. After that glue
each eyelash ‘lash-by-lash’ to the pad using thin tweezers.
Make sure that none of the eyelashes is glued to another. Each eyelash must have the similar
direction and mustn’t cross with the others. Also pay attention to the position of eyelashes endings which
must lie evenly on the pads not being broken or crossing each other. When all eyelashes are glued
evenly to the pad the biowave procedure can be started.
6) So, apply the necessary amount of Composition #1(white bottle) with a help of
microbrush. It is important to apply it on eyelashes evenly. It is necessary to step back from the eyelashes
roots in 2 mm distance in order to protect the mucosa from the composition. There is also no need to apply the composition to the eyelashes endings as they are too thin and can be easily damaged. In
outer and inner eye corners the eyelash curl mustn’t be too intense. That’s why the composition should
be applied to the narrow eyelashes area. 7) The exposure time of Composition #1 is approx 10-15 minutes (time depends on the
eyelashes length and thickness: for thin eyelashes 10 minutes, for dense – 15 minutes). Before using
Composition #2 remove Composition #1 from the eyelashes and silicon pad with a dry cotton swab
moving in direction from the roots to eyelashes endings.
8) Now with the help of microbrush apply Composition #2 (white bottle) to the eyelashes. It
is also applied evenly for 10-15 minutes (time depends on the eyelashes length and thickness: for thin
eyelashes 10 minutes, for dense – 15 minutes). It is important to note that Composition #2 is applied to
the same eyelashes zones as Composition #1.
9) Carefully remove Composition #2 from the eyelashes and pads with a dry cotton swab
moving in direction from the roots to eyelashes endings.
10) Next, apply Composition #3 (clear yellow bottle) with microbrush in direction from the
roots to the eyelashes endings. Then, lean the cotton swab tentatively soaked in Composition #3 to
the eyelashes for their impregnation approx for 5 minutes.
11) To remove silicon pads and separate those from the eyelashes also use Composition #3.
Composition #3 softens the glue and helps to remove the pads easily. The pads are taken from the
eyelid gently in direction from the inner corner to the outer or vice versa.
12) After the pads are removed wash the eyelid with a cleanser or Composition #3 till
particulates of glue is removed to the end.
13) Now the duct tape or collagen pads can be removed from lower eyelids areas. The
procedure is finished.

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