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FUSION MESO PEN PLATINUM is a beauty device that improves penetration of meso cosmetics & stimulates collagen synthesis.
FUSION MESO is a new concept in the beauty world. A new approach of based on breakthrough systems and products. Fusion MESO PEN PLATINUM is without doubt offering the best results in fractional meso and skin stimulation with safety, efficiency, easy to operate, cost-effectiveness, immediate and long-lasting results. Fusion MESO PEN is a beauty device to improve the penetration of meso cosmetics.
MESO PEN PLATINUM - Micro-needling Therapy System (MTS)
3 Speeds: 6000 RPM, 7000 RPM and 8000 RPM
Dimensions: 13cm x 2 cm
Weight: 60g
Needle Length : 0.25 - 2.0mm
1 year Limited warranty
Medical grade stainless steel disposable cartridges with anti-back flow technology.
Needle options, 1 or 9 needles.

- Face rejuvenation
- Wrinkles & expression lines
- Anti-ageing
- Pigmentation
- Skin whitening
- Cellulite


- Compact
- Fast and safe
- Adjustable speed
- High speed device
- Disposable tips
- CE certified

The new exclusive Meso Pen Platinum combines cutting edge technology with a modern cutting edge design. This stylish electronic pen balances the newest and most advanced features for safety and comfort.
The Meso Pen Platinum is the ultimate device for Fractional Mesotherapy treatments. It encompasses many beneficial features, such as low noise vibration technology which provides patients with a better and more enjoyable experience. And high speed penetration, with 133 punctures per second to reduce discomfort.
The Meso Pen Platinum system includes two options of cartridges. A single needle design for precision work and a 9 needle tip that has been designed specifically to reduce surface tension. The 9 needle cartridge incorporates a bevelled edge design that works to effectively reduce suction from tip to skin, and to allow product to flow freely through the needles and under the tip. This technology eliminates the build-up product in or around the edge of the cartridge and enhances the penetration of the bespoke cocktail used within the treatment.
For patient comfort the needles are 33g ultra sharp, and of the highest quality, encased in biocompatible medical plastic. The cartridges benefit from anti-back flow technology, to prevent product or bodily fluids entering the device and eliminating the chance of cross-contamination.
Fusion Mesotherapy remains at the forefront of advancements in both technology and Mesotherapy. They offer a complete treatment solution, focused on treating patients individually to achieve optimal results in the shortest of time.
The Fusion Meso Pen Platinum treatments incorporate patented Smart Mix sterile serums and post treatment creams, allowing you the option to create your own bespoke solutions to treat each patient’s individual concerns.
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